Our Team

Our whole team is made up of around 90 national and 40 international staff, from pilots to finance managers, logistics to vehicle mechanics, ground operations staff to cleaners. Our team is proud of our Christian workplace, which is made up of people of many different nationalities and denominations working together to serve God and reach the people of Papua New Guinea. Many members have worked for MAF Papua New Guinea for over 15 years so there is a vast amount of experience in the team.

Country Director, Todd Aebischer, leads our team of 118 staff and families, operating nine aircraft across nine bases.

To find out more about our dedicated staff, their daily business and their involvement in outreach activities have a look at our stories.

MAF Ground Operations Team in PNG

Our Customers

MAF’s air service is focussed on the people living and working in remote communities. We are here to help with individual medical evacuation flights as well as to help farmers with transporting their cash crops like coffee or cocoa to market places from rural communities as these cash crops are often their only source of income available. Our passengers are missionaries working in and visiting rural villages, students furthering their education outside their small communities, as well as teachers, health workers and pastors. Community leaders or farmers travel with us to sort out business in town and so do ordinary villagers.

We serve local church groups, missionaries, NGOs, development and relief agencies, and government embassies/ministries who are working to change the lives of those living here. Using aircraft we are able to overcome the physical barriers that prevent people in Papua New Guinea from having access to healthcare, safe drinking water and the Gospel, helping to bring physical and spiritual healing to the isolated people of this island.

Pilot Jan Ivar Andresen at Gebrau airstrip
Photo: Annelie Edsmyr

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