MAF's Vision

To see isolated people changed by the love of Christ.

MAF's Mission

Serving together to bring help, hope and healing through aviation.

MAF in Papua New Guinea at a Glance

Commencing operations in 1951, Papua New Guinea (PNG) was one of MAF's first operations worldwide, and for many years was the largest operation. PNG has many isolated communities located in some of the most rugged terrain in the world. PNG's unique topography, the absence of usable roads, and poor infrastructure has meant that, for many people in remote communities, MAF provides the only viable access to the outside world, along with the help and hope needed.

Our Team

MAF staff, Expatriates and PNG nationals, serving in Papua New Guinea, need to be willing to leave their comfort zones and face the challenges created by the cultural differences and language barriers in Papua New Guinea.


The pilot flies the plane from A to B, but there is a group of other people involved in making each flight possible and successful. Each flight is like a puzzle and it’s only half complete when only the pilots are involved. Other skilled and available people must fill the remaining pieces in the puzzle so it can come together.


Since 1951, MAF has provided an air service to support the needs of isolated rural communities in Papua New Guinea. Although not the only third-level aviation service here, many communities depend on MAF for their well-being. MAF in turn depends on support from many parts of the world to be able to keep flying.


Safety is of first importance. Our engineering team in Mount Hagen maintains our aircraft as needed, meeting or exceeding the standards required by the Papua New Guinean aviation regulator.


MAF staff living and working in the communities of Mt Hagen, Goroka, Wewak and Telefomin support and participate in local Christian ministry in a variety of ways.


Creating and maintaining partnerships in Papua New Guinea is important for MAF. One of the reasons MAF is able to stay linked with the different people groups and communities is through connections with other missions, churches and organisations that have a heart and vision for working with those isolated people groups and communities.


One of the ways MAF is proclaiming the Word of God is through the means of technology in cooperation with MAF Technologies. In a world where technology has such a prominent place in people’s lives, most cannot do without some form of technology and so there is much opportunity to build on this and use as a means to deliver hope.

Flight Training Centre

With the MAF Training Centre in Mareeba Australia, MAF aims to produce professional and competent pilots within two years. These pilots will have relevant licenses, ratings and approximately 240 hours flying experience, a focus on remote area operations as modelled by MAF and exposure to both the Australian and Papua New Guinean flying environment.


*Photo: The Caravan fleet in Mt Hagen, PNG, 2019.