people at a remote airstrip waiting to board the aircraft and send people off
Photo by Mandy Glass

MAF PNG has been serving remote communities in Papua New Guinea since 1951 and works in partnership with national church groups, mission groups, development and relief agencies, hospitals and other non-government organisations (NGOs). We currently have 10 aircraft serving about 200 airstrips, carrying help, hope and healing.

Price Increase of Air Fares by 1st January 2024

MAF’s last price increase was in 2014. MAF chose not to increase our prices for several years to assist the remote communities, delaying it even further in response to the economic impact of the pandemic. However, with the overall increase in the cost of consumer goods due to inflation, an substantial increase in fuel prices as well changes to foreign exchange rates, the increase to the price of our air fares is now needed and an inevitable step. 

We still commit to continue subsidising air fares for church and mission work and hope to be able to increase subsidies in areas where there is a high impact. Therefore we encourage our mission and church partners to reach out to us so we can work together on creative solutions that may mean an even more effective use of MAF’s subsidy fund and would result in more impact felt by the people living in remote communities, providing them with better access of services for their spiritual well-being, health, education, security, in the event of medical emergencies or when disasters strike.

Agent fare charts will be distributed so that every MAF agent at a remote airstrip will have the updated fares to communicate to customers.

MAF plane at Rum airstrip after test landing
Tajs Jespersen

General booking and subsidy inquiries for charter and shuttle flights across provinces:

MAF BOC - MAF Booking & Operation Centre Mt Hagen

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 7373 9999 or 7044 0433 (Mo-Fr 9am to 3pm)
WhatsApp: 7011 5657 (priority will be given to email and phone inquiries)

Contact Information for Booking Inquiries at our various MAF Bases
Location Email Phone
MAF Mt Hagen [email protected] 7916 6105
MAF Goroka [email protected] 7334 5880
MAF Telefomin [email protected] 7907 7230
MAF Tabubil [email protected] 7227 0959
MAF Wewak [email protected] 7935 0726
MAF Madang [email protected] 7907 7821
MAF Port Moresby [email protected] 7395 0342
MAF Tari [email protected] 7139 4737
MAF Balimo [email protected] 7165 1704
MAF Kiunga [email protected] 7907 7821
MAF Kawito [email protected] 7954 8169
MAF Vanimo [email protected] 7267 9172