Community of Maramb cutting grass on the airstrip
Tajs Jespersen

MAF partners with Kompiam District Hospital to fly medical teams to remote communities in Enga Province to foster hope for disease prevention, education and envisioning a brighter future for the children of the communities.

Story by Tajs Jespersen

Every morning in the community of Maramb, you’ll hear the school bell, signalling to the more than 150 children that school is about to start.

“There’s hope every time you see a school. Hope for many good things, hope for the future, hope that the common diseases we see will be reduced,” said Doctor Ray Feluwa who works as a registered rural doctor at Kompiam Hospital. “Every time you educate someone, you're passing prevention messages to them."

That is the main goal of the Kompiam health patrols, helping remote communities to prevent diseases through supporting the local health centres and educating the children.

Doctor Ray Feluwa
Tajs Jespersen
Rural Registrar Doctor, Ray Feluwa

“For me as a doctor, I give advice to the aid post CHW (community health worker) or nursing officer who is there at the health centre,” said Dr Ray. “Every opportunity that you get you talk to the students. This is one of those opportunities. I remember all the other clinics that I've gone to. This is the only place that has a school.”

I have seen the changes taking place. There is a health centre here, a school, an airstrip. I have seen it
Engrave Jaka, local community member.

Without MAF, it wouldn’t be possible to sustain the support of remote health centres like the one in Maramb. The community is situated at Rum airstrip, where MAF operates. Engrave Jaka from the local community has seen what this support has done over the years.

“I have seen the changes taking place. There is a health centre here, a school, an airstrip. I have seen it,” said Engrave.

MAF plane landing at Rum airstrip
Tajs Jespersen
MAF plane landing at Rum airstrip, supporting many nearby communities including Maramb.

Witnessing all that change only brings more hope for a better future as Serah Jetleey puts it:

“I believe that God will bless us more than this. I am a c.h.w, but they (the school kids) will become doctors and pilots,” said Serah.

The community is praying that God will bless their children with a good education and perhaps one day those children will bring back that blessing to the community.

School children at morning assembly
Tajs Jespersen
School children at morning assembly in Maramb

That is what Bill Fred, one of the Primary School teachers at Maramb, hopes for.

“I tell the students. ‘If anybody wants to be a teacher, you will come and join me.’ I will be here because I am from this community,” said Bill.

Watch the video to experience the impact of the health patrol below.