MAF Pilot Glenys Watson looking at flight paperwork as her plane gets loaded by locals.
Photo by Ashley Leyenhorst

MAF Pilot Glenys Watson describes her work of flying in PNG to provide aid to those living isolation.

Story by Ashley Leyenhorst

For over six years, Glenys has been at the heart of MAF's mission, flying to serve the remote communities from the MAF Goroka base. Originally from New Zealand, Glenys, along with her husband Jonny and their four daughters, began this adventure in 2017.

Glenys has worked as a lifeline for many in PNG while flying in and around Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, whether through flying medevacs, transporting passengers, or delivering cargo. Her passion for Christ and her previous experience as a flight instructor and air ambulance pilot well equipped her to assist in sharing love and aid through day-to-day flying.

MAF Pilot Glenys Watson flying in wider Goroka area.
Photo by Ashley Leyenhorst

Many people live in very isolated conditions throughout Papua New Guinea with limited access to health care, education, and the local business centres. Glenys’ flying has worked to connect remote villages to these resources as she serves in the areas near Goroka, the Finisterre Mountains, Western Province, and even occasionally West New Britain.

Glenys does more than just flying; she’s also involved in MAF’s Bible Box ministry. Beyond being a mission pilot, she serves as a pilot with a mission by selling a variety of Bibles to locals at a subsidized price. With her participation in the Bible Box Ministry, she works with MAF to provide help, hope, and healing to those living in isolation.

“I really like being part of that ministry and having that as a way of having the word of God coming out to remote communities,” said Glenys.


Want to learn from Glenys about her inspiring work as a mission pilot? Watch the video below to hear more: