Baptist Union Headquarters in Mount Hagen
Tajs Jespersen

Strong partnerships are needed to bring help to the isolated, which is how Baptist Union PNG and MAF PNG have worked so well together.

Story by Tajs Jespersen

The historical ties between the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea (BUPNG) and MAF PNG are strong. The partnership began back in the 1950s with some of the MAF pilots also being Baptist missionaries.

Since then, both organisations have grown tremendously and continue to work together to serve the people of Papua New Guinea. Most recently, MAF flew some of the National Executive Boards Members for the tri-annual board meeting in Mount Hagen.

“Since all of the board members are pastors, they are subsidised,” said Pastor David Maini, Ministry Director of BUPNG.

It is at the heart of why MAF exists in PNG, to help partner organisations
Brad Venter, MAF pilot

The pastors come from different places in PNG such as the Min area and Enga. One of them, Pastor Kewani Bahan, flew in from Tekin.

“If MAF wasn’t flying, then I couldn’t come here. The only way that we can travel is with MAF,” said Pastor Kewani. “This board meeting is very important. We are discussing our vision and mission and how we can organise our churches in PNG.”

Apart from subsidising pastors, MAF and BUPNG work together on many different projects.

Pastor Kewani Bahan at the MAF Base
Tajs Jespersen
Pastor Kewani Bahan at the MAF base in Mount Hagen

These projects highlight the holistic approach that Baptist Union aims for and link into the mission statement of MAF: ‘Serving together to bring help, hope and healing through aviation.’
As both organisations grow further, MAF is committed to developing the partnership with Baptist Union and other churches and their ministries in PNG.

“It is at the heart of why MAF exists in PNG to help partner organisations. The support of MAF supporters around the world helps to make flights affordable for BUPNG, strengthening the local church and the impact we can have together,” said Brad Venter, on behalf of the MAF Leadership Team.

The BUPNG projects that MAF support.
Flying in assistance of their church’s ministry (Evangelism, trainings, conferences).
Flying Bible college students in PNG.
Assisting with flights for patient referrals - especially antenatal mothers who experience complications.
Transport of medical and teaching materials/supplies as well as building materials for various community projects.
Flying teachers and medical staff.

Pastor David is thankful for the support that MAF has given BUPNG both in the past and the support they will give going forward.

“Without this partnership with BUPNG and MAF, I don’t think BUPNG would have accomplished its expansion in ministry, training and to provide social services like Baptist Education Services and Baptist Health Services,” said Pastor David.

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